The concept of repeat business is that you buy the product for what it does or how much it costs. What and how that company does business. The concept of loyalty is that you know other products may be better or less expensive, yet you continue to buy from them. Where does this come from?

In Simon’s talk that I referenced in my first blog, he talks about the golden circle. Which is three concentric circles, like a target, starting with what on the outside, how in the second ring, and why in the center. We find that most companies and most people know what they do and how they do it. The thing they are most unclear on is why…

Simon also talks about how this is linked to the brain and how we make decisions with our limbic system, thee area of the brain not responsible for language. This is where loyalty lies. Its where we often try to describe why we buy from a company and its hard to do, because we are trying to talk with the part of the brain not responsible for language.

If I asked you why you love your wife or your girlfriend you typically see two responses. First, being that you get defensive and territorial and second you begin to ask for clarification…”what do you mean by that? I love her because she’s my wife, etc….Then you begin to rationalize it by saying she cares for you, and loves your children, and so on because you begin to use the other part of your brain, the neocortex. This area is responsible for language and can process information extremely well.

We see this in businesses we are loyal too. If someone were to ask me, “Why do you buy Burton snowboards?”. I would get defensive and ask what they ride and why they didn’t ride the same brand as me. I then would begin to rationalize it through my experiences, great customer service, flexible board options, good technology, etc…Yet if you were to ask me why I shop at Wal-Mart I would simply tell you that they are cheap and conveniently located.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it” – Simon Sinek

Think about brands you are loyal to and think about the answers you give if you were to ask what businesses you are loyal to. Think about some of your closest friends and then other friends who may not be as near to your heart. Apply this concept of loyalty and repeat business to your everyday life to see is the reason you have these loyal friends and companies is because they believe what you believe, driven by the same cause. Or, if it’s because of the result or what you can gain from that business or friendship.

On purpose,