“I wake up every day in belief that people are the most valuable asset in our lives, and that we need to continue to develop and grow our relationships with other people in order to survive in our fast paced, ever-changing society.”

This is my why. Its more than coffee that gets me through the day, it’s the relationships I have with co-workers, friends, family, and everyone I meet on an everyday basis. I know if I can help them out in some small way, maybe they will pay it forward or it was the thing they needed to begin to turn their day around.

In a world headed towards commoditization having a belief in something more than what you do and how your different is becoming ever important. It is what the difference between loyalty and repeat business (which I will talk about in my next post). Now businesses are still focusing on what they do and how they do it and with a changing work force focusing more on the people and the culture than the money and the result we are having a split.

This split is why the millennial generation are tagged as not loyal and always change jobs. It’s not that we are looking to leave, we like stability. It’s the mindset that companies have that need to begin to shift.

Focus on the people. Focus on the culture. Results will always come. If you take care of your people and take care of your teams results will come and your people will take care of your company

On purpose,