It all started a couple years ago when I was working an internship in San Francisco. I was making great money for an intern, living in the suburbs of the city, and having what the recipe for previous generations “happiness” was defined as. Good job, good area, routine, etc…. it wasn’t enough though. I wasn’t happy.

So, I started a self-discovery journey. I started reading books and started listening to podcasts to help find out what it was I wanted from life. Then, I found the Ted Talk from Simon Sinek, which I will attach, called “start with why”. It was so moving that I have easily watched it over 50 times now. It talks about how businesses today don’t know why they do what they do, which brings to question what is a why?

A why is a vision, and a purpose that continues to drive a company and bring it closer to reaching its goals. It is some crazy idea one of the founders had that first began the business or what a group of people all believe in. Do not be confused though, a why is not a result. Often times we say that why we do business is to make a profit, which leads me to my last point.

“Humans need to product red blood cells to survive, just  as a business needs to make profit to survive. Is the only purpose of humans to product red blood cells? Is the only purpose of businesses to make profit?” A quote from Ed freeman that really talks to finding your purpose. Yes, we need red blood cells to survive, but we were put here to do more than that. I challenge you to begin a journey of self-discovery and to find your why… Remember focus on a concept, an idea, a belief that is more than just result.

On purpose,