When you’re following a recipe, you see how crucial each one of the ingredients is in making the end product of the meal. Each ingredient has a role and purpose in what it ultimately creates food for you and your family. Relationships are the same way, in that all of the little things we do for each other create something bigger, an everlasting bond.

It’s all the little things that create the big picture. As I look around in today’s world and see that we have the highest divorce rates of history and how we live in such a disconnected world I worry that people forget how we have survived for so long. In history the human race has not always been the strongest nor the biggest, yet we have survived for such a long time. Why is that? It is because we are social animals. We thrive and live in communities and cultures and rely on one another to make small sacrifices to keep each other safe. We need to remember that those small sacrifices and small effort we exert to show that we care are what continue to drive our race to live.

In the words of Simon Sinek we must have a mindset of generosity. Generosity is the giving of time or effort to someone else expecting nothing in return. We need to go out and build bonds with each other by doing these small things. Get your mom some flowers for no reason, make your girlfriend a cup of coffee before she wakes up, hold the door open for a stranger, give a little time and a little effort. Show the world that even in times of great disaster and sorrow with all the shootings and oppression we can find that our little sacrifices will eventually make a big impact.

So I challenge you to put down the phone, and talk to the person next to you. Buy the meal for the person behind you in line. Help someone finish moving into their office at work, because ultimately, the little things make the big picture.

On purpose,