We all love technology. We love how it creates an ease in our life to find information, catch up with friends, and many other applications and uses for our day to day lives. Now imagine having all these available resources, but forgetting to charge them at night or forgetting to plug the cord into the wall. They become useless. This concept is as relevant in our technology as it is in our lives. Plug it in.

We all know that knowledge is power, but I want to challenge that in saying power is useless when not plugged in. I have been on this path of self-discovery that involves a lot of reading and podcasting surrounding topics ranging from psychology to business. Which is awesome! I hope all of you are continuing to grow and develop yourself in some way, shape, or form. Yet something I struggle with is not just learning about new things, but making them applicable to my work and home life. How can I take these broad business concepts from Simon Sinek and everyday life ideas from Tony Robbins and actually make them work? It’s a struggle.

The way I try to plug things in my life is the way any habit is formed, repetition and time. When I was trying to learn a new move in college for wrestling I spent hours practicing minute details on finishing or setting it up to then be able to use it in a match. Why? I was creating a reflex, or muscle memory so I could unconsciously create that movement in the match. We can do this in our everyday lives.

Be patient. Habits aren’t formed overnight and fighting the right fit for what you’re learning will take time and diligence. When you do find the right application, use it! Talk about it with people and inspire others to find ways to implement the things they learn into their lives. Knowledge is power, but power untapped is wasted. Plug it in.