A mindset often preached about, yet never lived. Take life as it comes, don’t rush and see what is out there. It’s the last takeaway I have from Thailand. The concept of going with the flow and being impulsive, trying new things and experiencing life…Say yes, to life! I want to look at how it impacted my trip as a whole and how it’s changed my life over the last couple years. Let’s talk.

While I was in Thailand I had a general plan for what the beginning of my trip looked like, having a “yes man” mindset helped greatly in my exploration of the country. When I say “yes man” I am actually referencing the movie with Jim Carey. In the movie he was someone who turned down opportunities in life, continually saying no to doing almost everything. Then he attends a seminar that changes his perspective and gets him to start saying yes to everything.  I am actually planning on taking a trip similar to the concept of movie with some friends here in a few weeks. The main concept of the movie though is to not say yes to everything, but not be closed off to new opportunities and experiences.

After getting to Thailand after 4 flights and 23 hours I finally met the initial group of people I would be getting scuba certified with, my first and only plan. After class that day we went out for beers and I got to know them a little better. Ultimately the time came where these relatively new strangers and I had to part ways, but I had a choice. I could go with them island hopping in the south or head back north and be travelling by myself once again. I ended up choosing the island hopping route and amongst fire shows and snorkeling trips I found myself among a whole new group of people who were all doing the same thing and had the same mindset, say yes!

Travelling is not for everyone. I understand that and I actually am currently making a video for some tips on travelling to Thailand, but when you’re travelling keep in mind that your boundaries are going to get pushed. You have the opportunity to say no, but what you turn down may be something that leads you to a new group of people and to potentially new areas/countries. Whether it’s staying in a hostel, or trying a new food give it a shot. It’s like the butterfly effect. One decision can have huge implications down the road for your growth and potential friendships/experiences.

Next time you are travelling in a new country, in the U.S., or even going down to the local bar for a beer after work, have this in the back of your mind. This mindset can open your eyes to such a new world that is out there. I know it’s going to be uncomfortable, but get comfortable being uncomfortable. Growth happens on the edge of your boundaries, not in your daily routine. In a few weeks I am taking my first “yes man” trip in which we will be booking our flights that Friday before we take off. We are going to book the cheapest flight round-trip and wing it from there. I am so excited to go and truly enjoy a city by trying all sorts of new things with not a single plan in mind.

It’s a mindset I have taken on in the last few years and I can see has become more infectious with the Millennial generation. I see risks being taken, countries being explored, and people connecting with people. Some people are even turning it into a business! Who’s to say that you can’t do the same? Go out, say yes, experience life.

On purpose,