How can three completely different arenas have such a similar commonality? Why should we care? Wrestling, dating, and business. Let’s talk

The beauty of wrestling is that it combines two different aspects of a lot of different sports, the team and the individual. What I mean by that is, that we have a team that can go to a tournament and dual other teams and build a bond together, yet when it comes time to compete each individual contributes at a different weight class to then score towards the overall goal. Not very many sports have both aspects, which is why I love the sport so much. When you are at a high level of competition and you have two very equal competitors facing each other the stakes are often very high, whether it is for a state, national, or international title. In this scenario we often see a battle of wills hoping for the moment where the other competitor slips up for the slightest chance at an opportunity to get in to make an attack on an opponent. One moment, one shot, one opportunity.

Now not to talk about my love life, or lack thereof, but dating is also an interesting “game” of sorts. We have two sides, one often competing for the love and affection of the other and hoping to say the right thing or have the right moment to present oneself as a potential suitor for the other. While dating is not something I would try to manifest as something you can “win” in, I would say there is a competition aspect to it. Often men and women are faced against many men and many women to try and find a mate of sorts and we again are trying to “win” that person over. So, often we may spend days, weeks, months, becoming closer with someone, going on dates, meeting families, and other activities to prove our worth so that we can find the one opportunity where we can risk it all to ask that person to be our significant other. One moment, one shot, one opportunity.

Lastly, in business, but of course we save my career as the final topic. I am in territory sales which means I cover a large portion of a state going out and prospecting new accounts, developing relationships, and finding new customers to do business with that we had not done business with in the past. I often spend my days cold calling, knocking on doors, and searching for peoples time to sit down and learn more about the business they are in to then find out if we may have an opportunity to work together. I am often left with a voicemail box, a business card with the receptionist, or a “we’ve moved” sign. Yet, I too am continuing to search to try to find these opportunities to get just that one meeting that will get me in front of the customer to then show them the amazing capabilities we have to help make their lives easier. This is not specific just to electrical distribution, all sales people are looking for these chances, whether your selling Tessla’s at a dealership or socks at a retail store. It comes back to one moment, one shot, one opportunity.

So WHY does any of this matter? It comes down to the sheer fact that so often in life we may only have that one moment, that one shot, that one opportunity. Sometimes you chip away and get it, sometimes it’s the right timing, and sometimes it’s by pure luck. It’s not about the opportunity though, it’s about being ready. One of my favorite quotes is “fortune favors the prepared mind” by Louis Pasteur, because just finding the opportunity is not enough… it is knowing what to do with the opportunity that matters. When you see your opponent fall for a fake, being ready to shoot a shot to take them down, when you see the cute girl who asks you your name, being able to not choke on your own tongue and manifest an answer, and when you do finally get the meeting with the big client, to bring in the right resources and be able to diligently respond to his questions. Getting that one moment to show your skill, that one chance to make an impact, that one opportunity to be remembered. Be authentic, be real, and find these opportunities, but more importantly be prepared… you never know when that moment will come, but you know that you will have controlled the things you can control and have prepared to be the best that you can for the moment that your currently in.

On purpose,